The Butler Process

The Block

We start with the exact same blocks you would build on your own. It's what we do to take these old dirty blocks that you see here to a beautiful custom built Butler engine. It takes many critical steps in order to become the proper foundation to be a custom Butler Performance engine.

Step 1- 3 Step Cleaning Process

-Baked, Blasted, and Cleaned

Step 2- Visually Inspected


Step 3- Magnafluxed/Sonic Tested


Step 4- Replace Dowel Pins


Step 5- Align Bored (if required)/ Align Honed


Step 6- Bored and Honed with a Torque Plate


Step 7- Square Decked


Step 8- Deburred/ Final Multi Prep Process


(It takes over a full days work for the final prepping process. Including tapping all bolt holes and cleaning all oil galleys)

Step 9- Final Jet Wash/Cleaning/Wipe Down


Step 10- Ready for Assembly

Blocks start out in old worn, rusty, and grimy conditions

3-Step cleaning Process where they are heat cleaned, sand blasted, and cleaned

Machines used in block process

Block being honed

Custom machine shop at Butler Performance

Block comes out clean and ready to be assembled

Rotating Assemblies

Rotating assembly consist of the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and rings. Butler Performance doesn't simply install or sell rotating assemblies out of the box. Most suppliers and builders simply "box balance" based on manufacturer supplied weights.
All rotating assemblies sold by Butler Performance, regardless of brand, are balanced in our shop by our experienced machinists.

We don't take anyone else's word when it comes to the parts we stand behind. We put all rotating assemblies through the Butler Process for quality and performance. Our internal balancing process ensures each part of the kit is put through a multi-step inspection process. We then weigh and pin fit the rods and pistons as needed. We computer balance the crankshaft to the rest of the assembly. This process ensures that all the parts of the assembly are matched to form a "Butler Performance" worthy assembly. We then document all weights and information on a balance card that ships with the assembly.

Cylinder Heads

Butler LS offers many heads from today's top manufacturers such as Edelbrock and more. We only sell heads from names we trust that build high quality heads designed specifically for your application. Here at Butler LS, we not only provide these heads in the box, but can customize then for your specific application.

Much like rotating assemblies, we do not leave anything to chance. All of our custom cylinder heads go through an extensive multi-step process to ensure they are up to the "Butler Standard". We provide many services such as hand or CNC porting. Our valve jobs are done using Serti equipment for ultra high precision valve seating and valve guides. This equipment is standard in high precision applications such as Formula One Racing and super high performance racing applications.

Our builds include high quality, high performance Ferrera valves, springs, locks, and retainers selected specifically for the camshaft in the engine. The head is then flow tested using high quality SuperFlo testing machines. All parts used and work performed is then documented, speced, and blueprinted on a build sheet supplied with the cylinder head.

Quality parts

All Butler Performance engines are built with only the finest, high quality parts in the industry. We partner with companies such as;

  • Edelbrock
  • Comp Cams
  • ARP
  • Lunati
  • Callies
  • Clevite
  • Eagle
  • Scat
  • Ross
  • Butler Performance Products (BPP)
  • and more


We have many parts manufactured, by some of these companies and others, to our strict specifications. These are our Butler Performance Products.

Engines are only as good as each part that is contained in them. If one small part fails many things can happen that you definitely do not want. The engine no longer runs causing you to be stranded, it can cause damage, you can lose the race........

Our name and reputation is on the line. We partner with only the best companies that produces the world's best parts. This is not only your engine but our own engines that we put in our everyday cars and race as well.

Ready to Build

All our blocks, assemblies, and kits leave our shop having been custom designed, put through the "Butler Process", and ready to build. We never simply sell kits with no assistance. You have Butler Performance backing you in every step of the way. From knowledge to tech help, we are here for you or your engine builder of choice. We have worked with many engine shops around the country and are always glad to lend a hand in helping them take the "Butler Kit" to a performance engine specially designed for your project.

Butler Performance Services

Need us to go the extra mile and create the engine of your dreams? Our custom engine shop can do just that. We have professional engine builders working day and night to build "Butler Quality" and tested engines for performance street cars, classic cars with restoration engines, muscle cars, and racing engines. Our engines meticulously go through each of the steps in the Butler Process then tested and dynoed to ensure the numbers are as expected. All engines are cleaned and crated, ready for delivery anywhere in the world.

Butler LS and Butler Performance Pontiac builds engines for many projects. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our industry leading performance engines, we take each build in the order it is received. Our engines are meticulously crafted by our professional engine builders, using many of Butler's own processes that have been researched and developed over the years. Obviously we can't build every engine in the world, but we take each project seriously and do not mass produce sub-level quality products.

Because of demand, if our lead time is outside of your projects timeline, we can customize any of our rotating assemblies or engine kits to meet your performance needs. Be assured that every kit we sell is put through the same meticulous "Butler Process" as the engines we build here in-house. Plus we will provide all the needed specs and technical help to you and/or the engine builder of your choice. We work with many top quality engine and machine shops across the country and will be glad to work with yours. Here at Butler our main concern is that you end up with the engine you desire.