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70-81 Camaro FB/TA, F-Body, SST Tremec Perfect-Fit 5 Speed TKO 600 Transmission Kit, Manual to TKO

Our PerfectFit™ TKO600 kit is the best upgrade you can do to your Camaro Firebird! Shifter relocation machining included.
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Availability: Ships anywhere in Cont US for only $149


When you convert to the Tremec TKO 5 Speed, you will experience:

  • 30-50% increase in fuel economy
  • Low RPM cruising for greatly reduced driver fatigue and an improved highway driving experience. Road trips are fun again!
  • Reduced engine wear leading to longer engine life
  • Cooler engine operating temperatures
  • Reduced NVH (noise - vibration - harshness)


TKO Gear Ratios

TKO 500 - 3.27, 1.98, 1.34, 1.00, 0.68
TKO 600 - 2.87, 1.89, 1.28, 1.00, 0.64 OR 0.82


Silver Sport Transmissions Overdrive Kit Overview

PerfectFit™ Tremec TKO Kit Components for conversion from 3 or 4 speed manual


  1. Tremec TKO 5 Speed Overdrive
    • 500-600 torque capacity wide or close ratio.
    • Compact billet aluminum shifter mechanism provides smooth shifting with short throws. True internal offset with perfect factory shifter positioning.
    • Exclusive SST case customization - CNC machined for a PerfectFit™ without compromise to the transmission
    • Thoroughly tested for leaks and performance.
    • Full 12 month warranty with unlimited technical support, 24 month installation window
    • Optional Carbon Fiber Lined Synchronizer blocker ring upgrade for higher rpm shift capability
    • Lower Cost Option  Classic Fit option available for non-console installations.  Slight trimming of the shifter opening may be required.
  2. Crossmember
    • CAD designed, lightweight and box welded for rigidity
    • Better exhaust clearance and rigidity compared to tubular or aluminum variants
  3. Driveshaft & Slip Yoke
    • Lightweight, steel, custom driveshaft for superior strength. Dynamically balanced for smooth operation and premium solid u-joints come standard.
    • Install the trans and use the instructions we provide to get dimensions. Once we get dimensions, it takes 7-10 days to get the driveshaft.
  4. Speedometer Connection
    • Mechanical and electronic compatible
  5. Calibrated Speedo Cable or Electronic Speedo Connector - Your choice
  6. Reverse Light Connector
  7. Pilot Bearing
    • Super heavy duty needle roller type with lube seal for long life
  8. Isolator Mount
    • Rubber for vibration isolation or optionalheavy-duty poly for track duty
  9. Pennzoil® Synchromesh Gear Oil 3 pack. Synchromesh Fluid is designed to offer optimal protection and corrosion resistance.
  10. Installation Hardware
  11. ARP - Pressure Plate Bolts, 3/8-16, 9/16 in. Hex Head, High Performance, V8, Set of 6
  12. Detailed Installation Instructions - including free lifetime tech support
  13. 12 Month Product Warranty
    • Includes 24 month activation delay so you can finish your project.


Optional components offered

  1. Carbon Fiber Lined Synchronizer Blocker Ring and Bronze Shift Fork Pad Upgrade
    • For higher rpm shift capability and increased durability
  2. Heavy Duty Poly Isolator Mount Upgrade
    • For track duty
  3. Hydraulic Clutch Actuator Kit - Modern technology with less pedal effort
    • Master cylinder - high quality Wilwood
    • Heavy-Duty concentric slave cylinder - 1,000,000 cycle service life
    • Pre-engineered firewall mount for master cylinder - eliminates guess work for easy installation
    • Remote reservoir with hose
    • Braided steel pressure hose
    • Pedal pushrod and all hardware
    • Detailed installation instructions
  4. Shifter and Knob
  5. Flywheel
    • Billet steel, not cast steel, for improved durability and safety.
  6. Clutch Kit
    • High performance, long life packages with easy pedal effort tailored to your needs
  7. Bellhousing
    • Titanium-Aluminum OEM type or steel scattershields that meet race safety requirements


Why buy from Silver Sport Transmissions?

  1. Fast Shipping
    • Popular kits are in stock for short lead times
  2. Complete Kits
    • Why go to multiple sources for parts? Make one phone call and get things going on your project now.
  3. Excellent Customer Service
    • Lifetime tech support
    • Knowledgeable staff
  4. Premium Components
    • Only approved, high quality parts are sold by SST.
  5. Engineering Know How
    • Only SST has experienced and licensed engineers on staff. We know what fits, what works and how to install it.

** Clutch options **

SST Advanced Friction™ STR clutch set.
• 11"
• 26 spline
• Sprung hub disc design with Marcel cushion
• Full face organic friction
• Light pedal effort
• Smooth street characteristics
• 450 Torque capacity
• Release bearing and alignment tool included

SST Advanced Friction™ GRP clutch set
• 11"
• 26 spline
• Sprung hub disc design with Marcel cushion
• True dual friction - Full face organic/Segmented ceramic
• Light pedal effort
• Smooth street characteristics
• 550 Torque capacity
• Release bearing and alignment tool included

SST Advanced Friction™ TRK clutch set.
• 11"
• 26 spline
• Sprung hub disc design with Marcel cushion
• True dual friction - Full face organic/Segmented ceramic
• Moderate pedal effort
• Smooth street characteristics
• 650 Torque capacity
• Release bearing and alignment tool included

SST- Why We Are Different

R&D Video

Production Process

SST Shifters

Tremec 2-3 Shift


  • SST-F3PF-Kit
  • SST-F3PF-Kit
  • Silver Sport Transmissions
  • Ships anywhere in Cont US for only $149
  • New


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