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Eagle LS Crankshaft, 4.000 in Stroke, with ESP Armor, 24x Reluctor

Forged 4340 Crankshaft
ESP Armor
4.000" Stroke
6.100" or Longer Rod Length
2.100" Rod Journal
Balancing Options Available
24-Tooth Reluctor
Sold Each


Forged 4340 steel crankshafts from Eagle Specialty Products are great for high performance applications. They feature non-twist forging, go through a multi-stage heat-treatment process, and are stress-relieved and shot-peened. These cranks are X-rayed, magnafluxed, and sonic-tested, so you know you're getting a top-quality piece. Each crankshaft has cross-drilled and chamfered oil holes for improved oiling, a .125 in. radius on rod and main journals for increased strength, and the journals are precision-ground and micro-polished to less than 5 R.A. A target bob weight of +/- 2 percent greatly reduces balancing time.

ESP Armor is a revolutionary new surface finishing process that is available only through Eagle. Similar processes exist, but ESP armor is unique because it is NOT A COATING, nor is it a chemical etching process. ESP Armor is a unique surface finishing processthat results in an incredibly slick surface. This has many benefits. First and foremost is reduce bearing friction. By giving the oil a slicker surface to slide along, the bearing friction is reduced. This will also be evident in slower oil heating, reduced windage losses, and improved corrosion resistance. You will also notice that your bearings will live longer as a result of ESP Armor. The finish is unmistakable. Although it resembles chrome, it is not a coating that might flake off or wear out. Eagle is so confident in the effects ESP Armor has on our rods and cranks that we include a ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY against breakage when ESP Armor is used on any 4340 steel crankshaft or H-beam rod. Many customers have tried it and all have been not only pleased, but surprised by the results. You’ve got to see it, and use it, to believe it!


Rear Main Seal Style: 1-piece
Engine Stroke (in): 4.000 in.
Crankshaft Material: Forged 4340 steel
Engine Balance: Internal
Reluctor Wheel Tooth Quantity: 24
Lightened: No
Requires Narrow Bearings: Yes
Rod Bearings Included: No
Main Bearings Included: No
Rod Journal Diameter (in): 2.100 in.
Main Journal Diameter (in): 2.559 in.
Balancer Bolt Thread Size: M16-2.0mm
Crankshaft Snout Style: Standard
Weight: 54 lbs.
Notes: 24 tooth reluctor. Short snout.

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 60.0 lbs.